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I Heart Rocks Sticker (BIG)


Show everyone where you love to play…

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Shock Tab Mount Flat Bottom


This shock tab is great for mounting shocks to your axle or cage on your rock crawler or buggy. Laser cut from 1/4″ thick USA steel. Bottom of tab is flat. Bolt hole is 1/2″.

These ship via USPS small flat rate box. We ship for the same low price whether you purchase 1 or 100 shock tabs

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Chevy 90 Degree Gusset


These Chevy gussets are great for strengthening your cage, bumper, frame, exo, Grandma’s wheelchair, and more.


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Offset Shock Mount Tab


Offset Shock Mount Tabs allow the shock body to sit further away from the vehicle frame to prevent damage during suspension travel. Feature a 2-inch offset from the bottom of the tab.

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Axle Diff Armor


Protect your axle from unforgiving rocks!

Our weld on diff armor has you covered…

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Toyota Differential Stud Eliminator Kit


Replace factory differential studs with bolts to prevent threads from pulling out of the differential and gear oil leaking.
Putting a new locker of differential into your rock crawler?
Tired of breaking studs, or pulling the threads out of the housing?
Tired of the diff leaking oil past the seal?
Well we’ve got ya covered!
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Toyota Solid Axle Swap Frame Tubes


If your doing a Solid Axle Swap to your IFS truck or 4Runner then you’re going to need a way to mount a shackle through the frame.
These Frame Tubes install through your frame for hanging your shackles and mounting front leaf springs.

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63″ Chevy Spring Swap Kit


Save yourself hours of fabricating and sourcing parts with this simple complete 63″ chevy spring swap kit!

Works with many other springs too!

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