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Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit


A good tire repair kit is essential recovery gear for any trailside tire repair. The heavy-duty carry case includes everything you need to plug a tire and get back on the trail quickly.

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Tube Flange for 2 Bolts


Weld-on tube flanges are great for building removal support tubes sections, such as over the engine. Other uses include removable bumper mounts, seat mounts, spare tire mount, and roll cage mounts.
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Solid Axle Swap Kit

Converting your independent front suspension on your Toyota is the best way to improve off-road performance. The Slag Factory Solid Axle Swap Kit has all the basic components you will need to complete this conversion. Know as SAS or Solid Axle Swap and SAC or Solid Axle Conversion. Some also refer to this as IFS elementation.

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Offset Shock Mount Tab


Offset Shock Mount Tabs allow the shock body to sit further away from the vehicle frame to prevent damage during suspension travel. Feature a 2-inch offset from the bottom of the tab.

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Light Bar Mount Tabs – Pair


Weld-on Light Bar Mount Tabs allow any size light bar to be easily mounted to any steel tube. The mounting hole can also be drilled out to allow this to be other applications.
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Shock Hoop Kit 180°


One pair of 16″ tall 180° Shock hoops with shock tabs, frame tubes, and grade 8 hardware.  These universal shock hoops manufactured by us are the easiest and fastest way to mount your long travel shocks, coil-overs, or air shocks to your project.

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Sticky Whips Suction Cup Flag Mounts


Mounts dune flags, American flags, lighted whips, and other marker whips to any vehicle without drilling, bolting, or permanent modifications to the vehicle.

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Leaf Spring Shackles for 1/2″ Bolt 4″-7″


3/8″ Thick Shackle Plates to lift, level or SAS your rig!

Simple, Strong, Easy to install.

Sold Individually. Purchase 4 plates for a full set.

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