Slag Factory Optima Battery Box

The Slag Factory Optima Battery Box is Laser cut and formed from 10gauge steel. When upgrading to an Optima battery, the factory battery tray may not fit the Optima correctly. Even if the factory battery holds down clamp down on top of the battery it can still allow battery movement side to side during the demands of off-roading. The Slag Factory Optima Battery Box securely holds the battery on all sides, so no matter how rough the terrain is you can be confident that your battery is not going to move. Our battery tray features four mounting holes on the bottom of the box, allowing for a bolt in application, or it can be welded almost anywhere, giving you limitless mounting possibilities. The battery box is also great for mounting a second battery in your vehicle. The top plate is secured with nuts and bolts. The top plate fits flush with the top of the batteries to not interfere with wiring.

The Slag Factory Optima Battery Box is designed for the Group 34/78 Optima Yellow Top, Red Top, or Blue top batteries.

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